Why Should I Care?: Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Second Half

thumb-350-919305Last year I wrote about the second half of a show that completely ruined the show for me. I hope that 2018 would not have an anime that did that to me. Unfortunately, that ended up happening twice this year…god, I hope that 2019 does not do it three times then. That is all seasonal anime-wise of course. This is a little bit different because with the show last year had the entire second half bug me, while this one was more like an episode or two that threw me for a loop. So, for Day 11 of 12 Days of Anime, I am talking about just what it was during the second half of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi that really bugged me.

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Double Decker and Western Crime Shows

I have been a big fan of crime shows since I was little. The original Law & Order is played in my house religiously to this day, and we often played the game of predicting who we thought the bad guy was going to be. This continued on after the original series ended and I branched out to watch nearly every other crime show out there. All of which I grew to love in their own unique way. When I was recently in the hospital after breaking my leg, I caught the opening for Law & Order: SVU coming from one of the rooms as I was rolled up to be admitted, and I asked the woman moving me if she could move a little faster so that I could get to my room and start watching it. I bring this up because as a big crime show and anime fan, I have been searching for a long time for a really good anime that focuses on crime the way western crimes shows do. Why? I just thought it would be interesting and a fun thing to see. So far the anime crime show (no not Anime Crimes Division, that’s something else) idea is something that has not quite met the probably too high of standards that I have set for it. However, this season Double Decker! Doug & Kirill has been airing and has shown some common tropes that appear in western crime shows. Buckle up guys because today for Day 10 of 12 Days of Anime I am talking about not just anime but my other favorite form of television, crime shows.


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Stress, Anxiety, and the Sibyl System

300px-PsychoPasscastOne of the weirdest things I have experienced as an anime fan is when you start to watch a show and then hit a stalemate where you just cannot find the urge to continue it. It even happens sometimes when you like the show you are watching. This happened to me not once but twice while watching the first season of Psycho Pass. I have thought long and hard about just what it was that caused it, but ultimately, I could not pinpoint exactly what it was. Nevertheless, after two attempts in 2017, I was finally able to get through the first season of Psycho Pass earlier this year. Which means today we are going to talk about Psycho Pass for Day 9 of 12 Days of Anime.

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Overcoming Tragedy with Kaoru Ijuin

4f198ea6b66d779dfb61f3770b37a5d4Welcome back to Day 8 of 12 Days of Anime! Man, the days are really starting to fly by now. So far I have somehow managed to stay ahead so the posts are not written the day of. And…I probably just jinxed it. Crap.

Onto the real reason we are here. I have mentioned it before, but I have a standing rule that I usually do not write about an anime until I have finished watching it. That mostly comes from the fact that I do a lot of reviews here and I hate to write a long post about something I am halfway through only to have the rest of the show change my mind drastically. However, after recently starting to watch Tada Never Falls in Love, I just felt the urge to write a post about Kaoru. Plus, no matter what the rest of the show does I doubt they can somehow come in and mess it up. So, today for Day 8 of 12 Days of Anime we are going to talk about Kaoru Ijuin and how he turned out to be the best friend a person could have.

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Love, Loss, & Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a good show, no, an amazing show. Its story, animation, and characters are part of what I believe to be probably the best anime Kyoto Animation has ever put out. Along with Free of course. It also was a show that I was watching when my life changed in a way that was very similar to the one Violet struggles with for the majority of the show. It ended up being something that connected me to Violet and her story in a way that I never have with any anime before. So that is what we are going to be talking about for Day 7 of 12 Days of Anime.

*There’s gonna be some spoilers so tread carefully*

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Free, Free, & More Free!

Free-S3-Ep-4-Img-003The grammar thing keeps trying to correct “More Free” to “Freer” and if that is not the name of the next season then they really missed out on an opportunity.

The summer of 2013 was a lot of things for me. First of all, it was my last summer of high school and the next summer I would have to get ready to go to college. Second of all, it marked the year of babysitting where I was so underpaid that I did not make enough money to pay for gas. Which also resulted in me getting chewed out by the mother of the said child when I told her I started watching other children when I was not watching hers to actually have a positive cash flow that summer. Otherwise, I was losing money. But that is not why we are talking about 2013. July of 2013 was the month I became a constant viewer of seasonal anime when a little show called Free!: Iwatobi Swim Club came out, and I fell in love with the idea of “sports anime”. So, today for Day 6 of 12 Days of Anime we are going to talk about Free! and its most recent sequels.

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I Just Missed Hide

210_636740712912204753tkgrsmallWe are back today for Day 5 of 12 Days of Anime, and today we are talking about what your favorite character can do to change how you feel about a show.

Sometimes reading the manga and then watching the anime results in a lot of aggravation because of the constant reminder of things that they have glossed over. Sometimes you go into it hopeful because reading the manga left you really confused at times, and you hope the anime format may help clear some things up. (Ka-chan always hopes going into things). That is exactly what happened when I heard that Tokyo Ghoul:re was going to be animated. After watching both previous anime seasons, damn you Root A, I had jumped over to the manga side of things to see just what in the world happened after that ending.

An ending that you do not want to get me started on by the way.

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Quite the Roller Coaster: Darling in the Franxx

220px-DARLING_in_the_FRANXX2C_second_key_visualI have sat on this post for so long. Metaphorically speaking anyway, I would probably crush my laptop if I sat on my laptop. Was that joke lame? Sorry I could not help myself. Honestly, though, I really have been wanting to write a post about Darling in the Franxx for some time, especially since I was never able to do a wrap-up for it. There are things that I need to say, some you may agree with and some you may not, but I need to get it out. So, today for Day 4 of 12 Days of Anime I am going to talk about what my experience was like watching Darling in the Franxx and just how I felt about the show as a whole once it was over. There are going to be some spoilers for the ending of the show, so if you have not seen it then you may want to turn around now. You have been warned.

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Revisiting Fruits Basket

fruits_basket_protagonists_with_credit_embargo_till_00h00m_20_nov_2018_jst_1_724x1024Did any of you see this coming? I bet some of you saw this coming. I also peaked, and I am not the only person covering Fruits Basket in 12 Days of Anime. So, sorry if you are tired of reading about Fruits Basket but I am going to talk about it, and this probably is not going to be the last post I write about it either. This is a revisit because I reviewed the show in what seems likes forever ago, 2015, for Anniversary Review Week, but I just have some things I wanted to discuss about the show since my opinion of it has changed slightly and there were a couple of things that have changed since 2015. So today for Day 3 of 12 Days of Anime we are looking at the anime that was one of the first I ever watched and its revival one of my most anticipated anime of 2019.

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What IS That?: Kaiju

ssss-gridman-anti-kaijuI vowed to myself that anytime I am watching a show, and something comes up and causes me to say “what is that?” I would research it and write a post on it. Partially to keep up my What IS That? post series to which this will be the…. fourth installment and first one in over a year. I would like to say it is because I am so knowledgeable about everything in anime but is actually that I forget to write them. Whoops. Anyway, I thought why not do one about something that originally baffled me originally in Fall 2018 as well as bring this series back for 12 Days of Anime! So today we are talking about the giant beasts that loom over a city in Fall 2018’s  SSSS.Gridman.

What IS a Kaiju?

*There may be spoilers pertaining to SSSS.Gridman so tread carefully*

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