Summer 2016 Wrap-Up

Man the end of this season really snuck up on me before I knew it. One minute I was watching the seventh episode of Handa-kun and then BOOM all of a sudden it was week 12 and I was behind on so many episodes it was not funny. It also did not help that I had some friends come and stay at my apartment the last weekend of the season and I got super behind on shows, but me rambling is not why we are here today. We are here because even though it snuck up on me, the Summer 2016 Anime Season has come to an end. And let me just say that I cried a whole lot more than I thought I would. For those of you who may not know, the wrap-ups are kind of like mini reviews of my thoughts on what I had of the show. This season there are a few exceptions to the usual pattern of the mini reviews. The first is the matter of ReLIFE, the only reason there is an exception for ReLIFE is because it was released all in one go for a certain lucky few of us and I wrote a full Anime Review. There will be a link in the ReLIFE section for you all to go and check it out if you have not done so already. The second is actually a common thing which is that one of the shows I watched is not over yet so I will just let you know what I think of it so far! Sound good?

Without further adieu, here is my Wrap-Up for the Summer 2016 Anime Season!


Summer 2016 Wrap-Up.png
I forgot Kyoukai no Rinne in this picture. Haha. Whoops.

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2016 Summer Anime

The start of July brings the first week of the Summer 2016 Anime Season. At this point in time some anime have already started airing, while we still have some time until some other ones air. Nevertheless, I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys the shows that I am already watching as well as the ones that I plan to watch as soon as they air. The Summer 2016 Season has a few shows that I am SUPER excited about and cannot wait to watch. In this post I will let you know why I chose to watch the shows, or am planning to watch them. This list is not set in stone, I could add or drop shows as I go. I will let you know if I do pick up or drop shows as well as what I thought of all of these shows in the wrap-up that will come at the end of the season. With that out of the way, let’s get started.Summer 2016 Continue reading

Spring 2016 Wrap-Up

My what a crazy month June has been. Life decided to take a very odd and busy turn and that resulted in me being almost too busy to do anything except breath. But that is not why I am here today. No, the Spring 2016 Anime Season has come to an end which means it is wrap-up time!! If you do not know what the wrap-ups are at the end of every anime season I tell you what I thought of the shows that I watched. There is a show that is continuing into the Summer 2016 season, so for that one I will tell you what I am thinking of it so far. There is also another show that had a different circumstance surrounding me watching it, but I will talk about that show when I get to that. So here is my wrap-up for the Spring 2016 Anime Season.Spring 2016 Wrap-Up Continue reading

2016 Spring Anime

The Spring 2016 anime season has begun, which means that it is time for me to let you guys know what shows I am going to be watching during this season. I was actually a little unsure about what shows I was going to watch this season, but I did find some to watch to no need to worry guys. Anyway, as I always mention I will let you guys know what shows I am going to watch this season and why they peaked my interest. This list is not set in stone and I may either pick up some more shows or drop some as the season goes on. You can always find out what I think of these shows after they have finished in my season wrap-up. So let’s get this thing started.

Spring 2016

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Winter 2016 Wrap-Up

Well my friends the Winter 2016 Anime Season has come and gone. This, naturally, means that it is wrap-up time!! The wrap-up will work the same way it has worked the way that it has with all of the other wrap-ups. I will tell you guys what I thought of the shows that I watched that season, and if I decided to add or drop a show I will let you know why I did so. There are not any anime that are carrying over to the Spring 2016 season, at least not that I am watching, but I will be wrapping up the shows that started back in the Fall 2015 season and finished this season. Alright then, here is my wrap-up for the Winter 2016 Anime Season.

Winter 2016 Wrap-Up

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2016 Winter Anime

Well my friends we are about two weeks into the new anime season!! Which of course means it is time for me to let you guys know what shows I am watching this anime season. I will let you know what shows I have started to watch this season and what is it that made me choose those shows. If there is one. Sometimes I pick random ones. This season I am watching a few sequels, shows that have continued on, and of course a lot of new shows!! Of course as I always mention there may be some shows added as the season goes on, which I will tell you all about at the end of the season in the wrap-up. Let’s get this thing started!

Here is my Winter 2015 Lineup:

Winter 2016.png

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