Fall 2018 Anime

Fall 2018With the summer season over we are only left to mourn the shows, we will miss and sigh in relief that the show you have been suffering through just to see how it ended is over. And of course, since the fall season is, at this point, already starting to kick into gear that means it is time for me to go over what shows have caught my eye for Fall 2018. These are just the shows I have chosen to watch and may change depending on whether or not some of these shows get added to any streaming service at this point or because I decided to stop watching some or pick up others. I will let you know all of that as we go in the Weekly Wrap-Ups that will once again make an appearance every Sunday. Additionally, at the end of the season, I will have a seasonal wrap-up post to let you know what my overall thoughts were on a certain show.

I have also added where you will be able to watch these shows, but not all of these have been picked up by a streaming site as of me writing this post.

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Spring 2018 Anime

Normally I would not write this post until after I have wrapped up the previous season, but seeing as how the Spring Season starts sooner than I expected and some of the shows I watched from the Winter season still have a few more episodes left in them (I am looking at you Idolish7), and I am horribly behind on others, I decided to just go ahead and write my first impressions for the Spring Season now to get it out of the way. This season had quite a few shows that I was really looking forward to and a few that caught my attention while I was browsing MAL. As I always say these are only the shows that I am planning to watch. I have not actually seen any of them yet, so I may end up either dropping some or picking up others along the way. I will, of course, let you know what I did during the Wrap-Up at the end of the season. Now…let us get started.

Spring 2018

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Winter 2018 Anime

I already feel so behind on this season because I have only really watched two shows and I saw that one show already has multiple episodes released so I am already so behind. The first week of school just so perfectly matched up with the first week many shows started airing, and since the first week is usually the craziest I had no time to watch anything because I was adjusting to my new schedule and I was exhausted after being done with many of them. I try to get out my first impressions post before I watch anything, so it worked out that I am still behind but that does not reduce my stress level. I also kind of had problems with choosing what shows I wanted to watch. Part of my struggle with this season was that there was not one show that had me jumping out of my season waiting for it. There were a few that initially peaked my interest, but nothing that really caught my attention originally. Nevertheless, I did indeed find some shows to watch and today I am going to tell you about what I chose to watch this season.

Winter 2018.jpeg

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