Winter 2019 – Week 2 & 3

I combined weeks 2 and 3 because for some reason we have been having internet issues…again. It made not only watching anime difficult but also loading pretty much every webpage took forever. So here we are with two episodes for each show this week. Well except for one show. That is right everyone, the first dropped show of 2019 has already happened. Go ahead and guess which one it is going to be before you read it. Then let me know if you were right.


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Winter 2019 – Week 1

The first week of the new season is here! Sort of. A few of these shows have multiple episodes wrapped up this week because I wanted to start week one when everything was airing, so some shows aired two episodes before this came out. Others aired two episodes right away so they already had multiple episodes out before some shows every started. So far with week one most of the shows seem pretty promising (excluding one) but I am very excited about what is to come.


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Winter 2019 Anime

winter 2019It seems like the time we get between seasons is getting shorter and shorter, which is saying something because I am pretty sure it is always the same amount of time. Heck with the holidays it was probably longer than usual. I only bring this up because it seems like the umpteenth time the previous season has not been quite over when the new one starts up. Which is why we are here today. With the new year comes the new 2019 anime for this winter season. Going into it there was not too much I had been really looking forward to but I have chosen a few that I hope will be good to watch. I may drop some and I may add some along the way and will let you know about it in the weekly wrap up that will come out every Sunday (hopefully). I plan on limiting it to only ten weeks a season so that I can still do an overall wrap up at the end of the season without having ruined everything in a different post. That is the plan for now anyway, so I will stop rambling and let’s look at what shows I have chosen from Winter 2019.

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What 2019 Has in Store

my-hero-academia-season-4-announcement_h57b.640When 2017 came to an end I already knew that as far as 2018 went, the summer season would be awesome. There was an abundance of sequel series that aired that season that it was almost overwhelming. Then I thought there was no way that 2019 could beat what 2018 had accomplished. Boy was I wrong. So, today for the final day of 12 Days of Anime I am going to go over some of the exciting things that are coming in 2019. Maybe it will encourage you to check them out too, or just let you know that they are happening because there were a few I had no idea about.

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