Aldnoah.Zero Review

60263We are now halfway through Anniversary Review Week, today being Day 4. Are you all getting tired of me yet? Not yet? Good! Today’s anime is one that had a great first season, one that left be questioning just what happened, but then the second season fell a little bit flat. Which is one of the worst things that can happen to an anime, and makes me as a fan a little angry when the second season to a promising anime series falls short of the expectations you set for it. Of course you also should not set the bar too high for these things either…I am rambling now so that means it is time to stop my train of thought. Moving on! I always like to pick a mech show to review during this week because mech shows are one of my favorite shows to watch. I had originally planned to review Gundam Build Fighters Try but then I realized that I had already done the first series, and decided to save that for either a later review or a Sequel Saturday. 

Anyway, here is my 41st Anime Review and Day 4 of Anniversary Review Week, the review for a show that still leaves me with mixed feelings: Aldnoah.Zero.

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Noragami Review

We are nearing the end of Anniversary Review Week and I am sad to see it coming to a close. I have enjoyed this week so much and hope that you have been as well. Today is Day 7 so after today there is only one more day. But it is not over yet! Today I am reviewing an anime that I highly recommend and am super excited to be reviewing it!!

So here is my 35th Anime Review and Day 7 of Anniversary Review Week! One of my favorite supernatural anime to come out of the last few years: Noragami.


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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Review

Today is Day 4 of Anniversary Review Week!! I hope that all of you are enjoying it as much as I have writing all of these reviews. Last year on Day 4 I reviewed Gundam Build Fighters and this year I wanted to do another Gundam show so I decided to do today’s post about a Gundam show. Yay Gundam!!

So here is my 32nd Anime Review and Day 4 of Anniversary Review Week, a show from my favorite mecha franchise of all time: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

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Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign Review

Story Time!! When you are someone like me who has very few friends in real life who watch anime, having someone throw a DVD at you telling you to “watch this now” does not happen everyday. In fact, it never happened to me until just over a week ago. I was at home for spring break and had already started watching Your Lie in April for my next review. I was five episodes in when my Mom asked me to run over to the fish fry and get dinner and bring it home. I was like “okay” and planned on running there and back so I could keep trucking through Your Lie in April. Then. It happened. I was waiting in line to order when I kept hearing my name being called over and over. My vice president from the anime club I was in came running up to me and was like “I have something for you in my car!” and she darts away. She came back with a copy of Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign and told me to try it and return it to her when I was done. And that is what I did. I put Your Lie in April to the side for a while and watched this show.

So here is my 27th Anime Review for an anime that was thrust in my hands without me expecting it: Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign!


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K Review

Have you ever started watching an anime and then a few episodes in you decide maybe it is not quite your cup of tea? Well of course you have! We all have. I sure have. In fact that brings me to the anime that I am discussing today! An anime that certainly was not perfect but left me with something that an anime has not left me with in a very long time. Which is actually pretty exciting for me considering what I had originally thought of it the first time.

So here is my 26th Anime Review for a show that changed my opinion of it after trying it again the second time: K.


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Library Wars Review

I believe that one of the greatest experiences as an anime fan is when you try a show that you believe may not be very good and find out it is truly a hidden gem. I get super excited when this happens to me because honestly I usually find a good show by hearing about it and then trying it. Only a few times have I stumbled upon an anime on a whim and enjoyed it as much as I did the anime I am reviewing today. I stumbled upon it trying to find a show to review while on break  and not one I had seen before. I tried to see if I could find some strange online generator that would give me a random anime to watch, but I could not find one. Then I tried just going through a long list and whichever I landed on was the one I would review. Well that did not work either. I even tried a “If you like this show, then try this show” but I saw all the ones it recommended to me. At this point I was about to just finish watching Classroom Crisis but then I got an idea. I went to and clicked on a random season. I found an OVA for a show and when I read the description of the original anime I thought I would give it a shot, and even if I hated it then oh well I would have a bad anime to review. Boy was I wrong.

So here my 23rd Anime Review for an anime that I honestly did not think I would enjoy at first: Library Wars


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Durarara!! Review

Hey!! We are already half way done with this week already. I’m really surprised to see how fast it has flown by. Here we are at Day 6 of Anniversary Review Week!! I remember when I picked the anime that I wanted to review, I decided to pick shows that were already complete. Then I realized that I picked this show….and it isn’t over yet. Whoops! Nevertheless I choose to review it anyway. Because it is one of my favorite anime and I feel like there are some people out there who have never heard of it before. (I say that because a lot of my anime watching friends have never really heard of it before.)

Anyway, here I am with my 16th Anime Review and Day 6 of Anniversary Review Week!! My friends we are going to Ikebukuro in: Durarara!!

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Gundam Build Fighters Review

Here we are my friends!! We are officially halfway through Anniversary Review Week!! I seriously cannot believe we are already halfway through. It really has begun to fly by for me as I write all of these. The show that I am reviewing today is actually a show that I had actually not really liked until recently. It was okay for me the first time, but a second watch really earned it a spot as one of my favorite anime.

So here I am with my 14th Anime Review and Day 4 of Anniversary Review Week!! A show that took me a second watch to come to love: Gundam Build Fighters.

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Akatsuki no Yona Review

Welcome back to Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week! I really do hope that you guys are enjoying this week of reviews. I’m getting to reminisce a lot about the first time that I watched these shows, and how much I loved them while watching them for the first time.

The show that I am reviewing today is actually the newest show out of the eight. A lot of the shows are shows that I have found over the years, but this one ended only a few months ago. I thought that this show earned a spot because I enjoyed watching it from week to week.

So without further adieu….here is my 13th Anime Review and Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week!! The newest show out of the eight: Akatsuki no Yona.

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Blue Exorcist Review

Hello again everyone!!

Here we are with start of Anniversary Review Week!! This is the first of eight reviews, and I cannot wait to get started! As mentioned before, I picked some of my favorite anime to review to help celebrate this week. And the anime that I picked today definitely has a spot on my favorites list.

Here is my 11th Anime Review and the kickoff to Anniversary Review Week!! A little show about our favorite son of Satan: Blue Exorcist

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