NaBloPoMo Day 29: A Manga You Read that Was Just Plain Weird

Can I just say that I was so mad about yesterday. I had time to do it all day but instead I decided to finish Kyoukai no Kanata. I still had to drive back to school last night so I figured I would do it as soon as I got back to school. God back to school and realized I had an assignment due, so I finished that. By the time I was done and everything I needed to print off was printed I looked down at the clock and it read “12:38”. At that point I was so done that I just went to bed. Since today is the last day of NaBloPoMo I was a little disappointed that I am behind but oh well.

So let’s move on to NaBloPoMo Day 29. It is asking about a manga that I thought was just plain weird. That is a little difficult because does it mean weird as in so strange I stopped reading it or just something that others may find a little weird. I do not know. I will try my best to come up with an answer for this. Let me think…..okay…..hmm…..I think I got something.

Here is my answer for NaBloPoMo Day 29, a manga that I read that I thought was just plain weird is…..

Faster than a Kiss


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Day 28: Favorite Quote from Any Anime Character


Wow… this one was hard. I have to think of something inspirational quote (my favorite kind) that had an actual meaning towards them I guess. It was so hard to choose one quote that is my favorite because…..well I have watched so many anime that had inspirational quotes. So there won’t be the regular “huge reveal” like I usually do. You know when I do this..

Enter Epic Answer Reveal Here!!

So I decided to pick one of my favorite quotes from the few I have chosen and put them where the big reveal would have been. I’m also not going to give the usual explanation for them because everyone interprets things differently.

But anyway….Here it is!!! My Answer for Day 28 of the Anime Challenge!!!! Some of My Favorite Quotes from Any Anime Character are……

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Day 25: Saddest Anime Death

Okay so my big “conflict” back on Day 12 was really trying to decide what the saddest anime moment was. And what I came up with was that although Lelouch’s death was my saddest anime moment, I still felt that this “death” deserved recognition. It make me cry like a baby as well. So just to recognize it I gave Lelouch’s death Day 12 and Day 25 to this one!! So….yeah that’s what I decided.

So here it is!! My answer for Day 25 of the Anime Challenge!!!! My Saddest Anime Death was…..

Nagisa Furukawa

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Day 16: Anime With the Best Animation

Okay so if you have watched quite a few anime, you may have noticed that some anime are animated a little bit better than others are. In some cases a few anime’s animation have actually gotten worse as the season goes on because the animation budget was running low. For real that has actually happened. Go watch the second half of Neon Genesis Evangelion and tell me that you do not notice that something is going on. It just does not match with the animation that they started with at the beginning of the show.

However there is an anime who has animation so life-like you feel like it could be real. Actually, it really is just the animation studio being a real boss when it comes to animation. But I picked the anime that I think is animated the best from that animation studio.

So here it is. My answer for Day 16 of the Anime Challenge!! My Anime With the Best Animation is…..


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