Top 5 Female Leads of 2015

As I mentioned in the other post today, this Top 5 post relates to the Top 5 Male leads list because…..well it is my Top 5 Female Leads! This list was a little bit easier than the male list because, well, I do not really know. It just seemed a lot earlier to make. Huh. These are my favorite female characters from the past year, and you may notice a few similarities between this list and my previous list. Here are my Top 5 Female Leads of 2015!!

2015 Female Leads Cover

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5 Stages of Character Withdrawal

Hi everybody!! So today I am going to talk about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. It is something that I think all of us must have had this issue at some point, well I guess calling it an issue is going a little too far but I digress. Basically the randomness I am going to bring you to today revolves around something that I have dubbed “Character Withdrawal”. What is this, you may ask. Character Withdrawal is described in the Dictionary of Random Ka-chan Phrases that Probably Apply to No One Else as:

fake dictionary entry

You may have a severe case of this withdrawal or a minor case. Either way, I think everyone has probably experienced this at one point. This post will explain to you the stages of Character Withdrawal and what you may experience if you have not gone through this before. Lets get started!!

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Princesses In Mecha

Hi again everyone!! So I was sitting there the other day while finishing up my Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Review and I was reminded of how much the character of Euphemia bothered me. For a lot of people I know who have watched the show, Euphemia was one of their favorite characters. But for me she was not. I discussed this a little bit in my Confession Time blog as well. I actually spent a lot of time thinking about why it was that I did not like Euphemia as a character, and I realized tat maybe it was not just specifically her that I did not like. So this time I am going to discuss a type of character that usually ends up getting on my nerves when I am watching a show. This time I’m going to rant about….

Princesses in Mechas

Princess Blo

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