Hataraku Maou-sama! Review

Welcome back to Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week!! We are now over halfway through this week and today also happens to be the Ka-chan Anime Reviews’ 2nd Anniversary!! Yay!! That talk is for a different post so I do not want to go into that now. Let us get on to the real reason we are here today, the Review of course. I am super excited about today’s review because it is for a comedy anime that I just absolutely loved.

Here is my 33rd Anime Review as well as Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week, one of my all time favorite comedy anime: Hataraku Maou-sama!

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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Review

Welcome back everybody to Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week! I am actually really excited for the anime we are reviewing today because I love it so much. It is one of my favorite anime that has come out in the last year or so, and is also adapted from a manga that I also love. It tells a story that I fell in love with almost instantly, and characters that I adore.

So here is my 31st Anime Review and Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week!! Were headed to Clarines in a beautiful fairy tale world: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime.

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Kyoukai no Kanata Review

The first episode of a show, the pilot episode, is the episode that is supposed to draw you in and make you want to see what becomes of the series as a whole. On TV in the US, if a show’s pilot does not do well then the show does not happen. Now I do not know a lot about the anime industry, but from what I have seen in Shirobako once a show is decided it goes on until its full run is over. Even if the first episode is slow and boring, the show will go on. Why am I talking about this? Well back in 2013 when the show I am reviewing today originally aired, I watched the first episode and was honestly not impressed. However, as the show went on I kept hearing nothing but positive reviews of this show. Looking into it while doing research for this review I learned that opinions of this review are either really positive, or kind of negative. There is no real in between. Which I find very interesting.

So here is my 24th Anime Review for a show that I had honestly no idea what to expect going in: Kyoukai no Kanata.

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Fruits Basket Review

After doing that whole week of reviews, I feel like I have not done a review in a long time. Maybe that is some of the motivation that I need. Hahaha. Well we will see. Anyway, I was looking for my next anime to review so I was looking though my life of anime that I have watched. Yes I keep track of all of that. I was scrolling down the list when I spotted one of the first anime that I watched completely on the internet. Why does this matter, you ask? Well it does not matter. I just saw it and remembered watching the whole thing on my family’s almost 10-year-old computer. So I thought that it would be fun to do. It is also a favorite anime of mine.

Here I am with my 19th Anime Review!! A show that is surprisingly a lot older than I thought it was: Fruits Basket

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Akatsuki no Yona Review

Welcome back to Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week! I really do hope that you guys are enjoying this week of reviews. I’m getting to reminisce a lot about the first time that I watched these shows, and how much I loved them while watching them for the first time.

The show that I am reviewing today is actually the newest show out of the eight. A lot of the shows are shows that I have found over the years, but this one ended only a few months ago. I thought that this show earned a spot because I enjoyed watching it from week to week.

So without further adieu….here is my 13th Anime Review and Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week!! The newest show out of the eight: Akatsuki no Yona.

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Review

Here it is!! Just like I promised….well kind of. I have actually been planning on writing this review for a while. Then when the whole Anime Challenge started I was still watching a different anime (One I have, unfortunately, not finished watching yet but will soon). I had been planning on doing this review though because it is a show that I highly recommended to my best friend. She of course is no longer my friend so I can’t like….ask her if she was happy I recommended it. I mean really I have no wish to talk to her EVER again. I don’t know why in the world I mentioned that. You can ignore the last sentence.

Anyway, here it is my fifth anime review! A review of the anime Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

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La Corda d’Oro Review

First of all I would like to apologize about how late this review is. I have been really busy trying to get ready for college that I had no time to not only write this, but also rewatch this anime. I was in the middle of watching a different anime to review when I realized it was too similar to my previous reviews so I went with something different. The review of that anime will come later. So I changed and went to a different genre. I am truly sorry for the delay but cannot honestly promise a finite schedule on my reviews because of school, but I promise at least once a week…maybe…I’ll try really hard.

Here is my fourth anime review. A review of the anime La Corda d’Oro!!!

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Red Data Girl Review

My third review!! I realized that this is already the second anime that I have reviewed that pertains to the supernatural, such as yokai. I know what you’re thinking. “If you realize that why don’t you review a different kind of anime?” Well honestly for a few selfish reasons. With my first few anime I wanted to review anime that either I know very well, such as Gundam 00, or anime that I have recently watched, like the one I’m review now. So here it is! My review of Red Data Girl!

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