Starmyu Review

75765Hello everyone! It is officially the starts of the 3rd Annual Anniversary Review Week!! Yay! To kick off this week we are starting with a show that I both love and makes me laugh uncontrollably for periods on end just because of the sure ridiculousness of it. A show that, while it had it’s flaws (and trust me we’re going to talk about those) it also kept me hooked from episode to episode. It was a show that fell a little short in some places, but was still very enjoyable to me nonetheless. I laughed, I was surprised, I also got very angry.

So here is my 38th Anime Review and Day 1 of Anniversary Review Week. The review for an anime that was…interesting to say the least: Starmyu.

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Top 5 Openings of 2016

Hello again everyone! As promised here is the first of a series of posts that I had prepared as a way to end 2016. I know 2016 ended a few months ago now, but I still wanted to sit back and reflect on what some of my favorite parts of that season were.

So today we are starting off with the openings, since openings start off just about every episode of anime. I will warn you now, however, that some shows may be featured on both of these lists. It seemed liked if a show had an opening that I loved, then there was a good chance that I liked the ending a lot was well. But that is something I’ll talk about when we get to the ending part. Anyway, here are my Top 5 Openings of 2016!!

2016 Openings

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Sound! Euphonium Review

Hello everyone!! I hope you have been having a good October!! I bring to you today to a show that for a moment reminded me of my childhood. You see back when I was in junior high and high school (which actually was not all that long ago) instead of leaning towards the athletics department, I was more of a fan of the music side of school. For all seven years I was in band, choir, and marching band. I played the piano, flute, and oboe, and sang alto in choir. I loved it. As an anime fan, I always keep for an anime that has something to do with a band (or maybe some kind of singing group). Anything that really takes me back to the musical side of things. Which is exactly the kind of story that the anime I am reviewing today surrounds.

Here is my 22nd Anime Review for an anime that took me back to my days full of scales, tuning, and spit valves: Sound! Euphonium

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Aki no Kanade Review

No matter how much I love watching an anime series, there are some occasions when you want to watch something with a good plot but doesn’t last for 12+ episodes. Sometimes you just want to watch something for two ours and have the whole thing wrapped up. This is why I love watching movies. Two hours or so and your done. So with this review I decided to do an anime review for an animated movie that simply suffered from not enough run-time. But why not do a review for a movie? I have not done one of those yet and you do not have to worry about watching (or rewatching) 12+ episodes of a show. You just have to watch it once and you are done!!

So here is my 9th anime review, and my first for an animated movie!! Here is my review for the animated move: Aki no Kanade.

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La Corda d’Oro Review

First of all I would like to apologize about how late this review is. I have been really busy trying to get ready for college that I had no time to not only write this, but also rewatch this anime. I was in the middle of watching a different anime to review when I realized it was too similar to my previous reviews so I went with something different. The review of that anime will come later. So I changed and went to a different genre. I am truly sorry for the delay but cannot honestly promise a finite schedule on my reviews because of school, but I promise at least once a week…maybe…I’ll try really hard.

Here is my fourth anime review. A review of the anime La Corda d’Oro!!!

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