Revisiting Fruits Basket

fruits_basket_protagonists_with_credit_embargo_till_00h00m_20_nov_2018_jst_1_724x1024Did any of you see this coming? I bet some of you saw this coming. I also peaked, and I am not the only person covering Fruits Basket in 12 Days of Anime. So, sorry if you are tired of reading about Fruits Basket but I am going to talk about it, and this probably is not going to be the last post I write about it either. This is a revisit because I reviewed the show in what seems likes forever ago, 2015, for Anniversary Review Week, but I just have some things I wanted to discuss about the show since my opinion of it has changed slightly and there were a couple of things that have changed since 2015. So today for Day 3 of 12 Days of Anime we are looking at the anime that was one of the first I ever watched and its revival one of my most anticipated anime of 2019.

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