Top Openings & Endings of 2017

2017 Openings and Endings.pngAs we are nearing the end of 12 Days of Anime, I feel it is a good time to bring out the Top 5 lists for the year. The next three days will all be top 5 lists of various things. Today will technically be a top 10 list guess because there will be five openings and five endings covered. These themes will just cover the shows that aired at some point in 2017, and will exclude shows that I watched in 2017 but aired earlier. If I did that I will tell you now that Yuri on Ice would be number one in both categories because I love the opening and ending theme of that show very much and I listen to it on repeat daily. I talked about Yuri on Ice already for 12 Days of Anime, so I need to stop myself. These are in no particular order, they are just five openings and five endings that I really enjoyed. This is the day that my inner band kid takes over a little bit.

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Top 5 Openings of 2016

Hello again everyone! As promised here is the first of a series of posts that I had prepared as a way to end 2016. I know 2016 ended a few months ago now, but I still wanted to sit back and reflect on what some of my favorite parts of that season were.

So today we are starting off with the openings, since openings start off just about every episode of anime. I will warn you now, however, that some shows may be featured on both of these lists. It seemed liked if a show had an opening that I loved, then there was a good chance that I liked the ending a lot was well. But that is something I’ll talk about when we get to the ending part. Anyway, here are my Top 5 Openings of 2016!!

2016 Openings

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