IMHO: Kids & Anime

6157207_5bf8054cfb87537db7c4fef08a0603c8If you follow me on Twitter, then you may know that the other day I had an experience with my little cousin that really….made me question just how kids nowadays are introduced to anime when they’re young. It started as wondering just how in the world she was completely unaware of what Pokemon is (I’m still in disbelief/questioning what my childhood was about). Then it led me to the question “Well if Pokemon is not AS popular to her as it was when I was a kid, how can that lead kids to watching more anime in the future?” Anyway, that’s what the rant is about today.

How are kids supposed to get into anime?

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IMHO: What is Uta no Prince-sama Doing?

Hey guys!! Welcome to the first post for a new series on the blog: In My Honest Opinion (IMHO). I abbreviated it to IMHO because if I did not do that the titles may end up being super long. Now this idea is not anything new, normally my opinionated pieces are just put in random shenanigans, but for my more opinionated pieces I wanted to have a special place for them. So it really is not anything actually new…..MOVING ON!!

Now before I get started I just want to say that I do truly love this show. Ever since season one I have been hooked, and no matter what I may say latter on just let me tell you that I AM going to watch season four of UtaPri. I am going to hate on this show quite a bit for a while, but I do truly love this show. It is just that as time has gone on there are a few complaints that I have about where the show is going, and some overall aggravation.

So here is the first post for the series “In My Honest Opinion”:

Just What Exactly is Uta no Prince-sama Trying to Do?


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