Brothers Conflict Review

51409My friends, we are reaching the end of Anniversary Review Week and today is Day 5. That means only two more reviews after today. I hope you have enjoyed this week so far, and will stick around for the next two days as well. There will still be more posts after this week is over too! Normally I choose anime that I really like to talk about during this week, but today I wanted to just kind of…rant about one. Not a big rant, just kind of looking at a show that…you know what let’s just get started and I will explain. Today is also the review for a harem anime, which is a type of anime that I have not really written about other than when I watched Diabolik Lovers a few years ago and then reviewed it. I hope you enjoy it.!

So here is Day 6 of Anniversary Review Week and my 43rd Anime Review. Today we are looking at a harem anime that as a little bit of a twist: Brothers Conflict.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama Review

25254We are now OVER halfway through Anniversary Review Week, and today we are looking at probably the first and second romance anime I ever really watched, and one who’s manga I followed religiously after I finished the series. Which is something I only do with shows that I really liked. This is also a show that, while labeled a romance anime, does not center the entire story on the romance between the two main characters. It is also a show that I was surprised when I found out how old it actually is, because it does not seem like it could possibly be that old. However, now that I think about it…I watched this show right after I got my first computer and that was a little over seven years ago, and the show came out seven years ago. Boy, now I feel old. I mean the show is not actually all that old, it just seems like there is no way it came out seven years ago.

Without further rambling, here is my 42nd Anime Review and Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week. A cute little show about a student council president who has a little secret: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

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Orange Review

80110Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying Anniversary Review Week so far. Today is Day 2 and while we talked about a upbeat show yesterday, we are going to look at the other side of the spectrum today. I normally am not one that goes into a situation knowing I am going to cry. Sure, I cried when Seido lost in Ace of Diamond and several times during Kimi ni Todoke, but I did not know I was going to cry. There are a lot of shows out there that I want to watch, but the knowledge of the emotional turmoil I am going to be sent through keeps me away. Today we are talking about the one of the few shows I have gone into that I knew would lead to my crying multiple times over the course of it. 

So let’s jump right into my 39th Anime Review, and Day 2 of Anniversary Review Week. My review of a show that…well that tells quite the story: Orange.

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ReLIFE Review

80389In a world where anime comes out weekly each season, one anime defied this tradition. One show released all of its episodes in one sitting, so anime watchers from all over the world could binge watch it before anime other anime in the Summer 2016 Anime Season aired. What am I talking about? Randomness in all honesty, but that is something that the show I am reviewing today decided to do. The entire show released all the episodes at one time. Hold on let me take that back. You could watch all of the episodes in one sitting if you just happen to be a Premium Member of Crunchyroll, but I digress.

Anyway, here is my 37th Anime Review for a show fresh from the Summer 2016 Anime Season, ReLIFE.

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Hataraku Maou-sama! Review

Welcome back to Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week!! We are now over halfway through this week and today also happens to be the Ka-chan Anime Reviews’ 2nd Anniversary!! Yay!! That talk is for a different post so I do not want to go into that now. Let us get on to the real reason we are here today, the Review of course. I am super excited about today’s review because it is for a comedy anime that I just absolutely loved.

Here is my 33rd Anime Review as well as Day 5 of Anniversary Review Week, one of my all time favorite comedy anime: Hataraku Maou-sama!

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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Review

Welcome back everybody to Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week! I am actually really excited for the anime we are reviewing today because I love it so much. It is one of my favorite anime that has come out in the last year or so, and is also adapted from a manga that I also love. It tells a story that I fell in love with almost instantly, and characters that I adore.

So here is my 31st Anime Review and Day 3 of Anniversary Review Week!! Were headed to Clarines in a beautiful fairy tale world: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime.

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Lovely Complex Review

Welcome back to Day 2 of Anniversary Review Week!! It is the 2nd of eight reviews to help celebrate the blog’s 2nd Anniversary. The show that I am going to review today is very near and dear to my heart. It is one of the first romantic-comedy anime that I ever watched and is one of my favorites to this day. It also has one of my favorite anime couples in it, which is a plus.

So here is my 30th Anime Review and the 2nd Review for Anniversary Review Week!! One of my favorite romantic-comedy anime: Lovely Complex.

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Ao Haru Ride Review

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the start of Anniversary Review Week 2016!! This is the first of eight reviews that will come out over the next week, and I am so excited!! I thought last year it went really well so I was really looking forward to doing it again. This year I picked some anime that have come out recently I really liked, a few that I had not seen yet and wanted to check out, and the very anime that made the very first post on Ka-chan Anime Reviews was about. Which is the one that we are doing today!

So without further adieu here is my 29th Anime Review and the first review to kick off Anniversary Review Week 2016, and the one that started it all: Ao Haru Ride.


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Bakuman Review

Hi guys!! So break for me has started, thank god, and break means that I get to watch more anime, blog some more, and also work on the class that I decided to take over break at the last minute. Hahaha. Anyway, so I wanted to get this review out of the way as the first official post after break and wanted to let you all know that in the days leading up to the end of the year, there will be a year-end wrap-up and then a few lists of what some of my favorite openings, endings, and a few other things. There will also be the regular wrap-up at the end of the season. So there is the announcement portion.

On to the review!! The anime that I am reviewing today is one of the animes that I originally watched a long time ago. I have heard a lot of people say that this is one of the most encouraging shows that they have ever watched, and I would have to agree. After watching this show, I always felt really driven to do things I had dreamed about and encouraged me when I was unsure of myself. This is a good motivational anime to watched. Like seriously.

So here is my 25th Anime Review for a show that encouraged me to follow my dreams, that sounded cheesy: Bakuman.


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Library Wars Review

I believe that one of the greatest experiences as an anime fan is when you try a show that you believe may not be very good and find out it is truly a hidden gem. I get super excited when this happens to me because honestly I usually find a good show by hearing about it and then trying it. Only a few times have I stumbled upon an anime on a whim and enjoyed it as much as I did the anime I am reviewing today. I stumbled upon it trying to find a show to review while on break  and not one I had seen before. I tried to see if I could find some strange online generator that would give me a random anime to watch, but I could not find one. Then I tried just going through a long list and whichever I landed on was the one I would review. Well that did not work either. I even tried a “If you like this show, then try this show” but I saw all the ones it recommended to me. At this point I was about to just finish watching Classroom Crisis but then I got an idea. I went to and clicked on a random season. I found an OVA for a show and when I read the description of the original anime I thought I would give it a shot, and even if I hated it then oh well I would have a bad anime to review. Boy was I wrong.

So here my 23rd Anime Review for an anime that I honestly did not think I would enjoy at first: Library Wars


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