Fall 2017 Anime

I am back again, and so soon as well, that it is the time of the year where everyone gives you a heads up of what they are going to watch this season. I am no exception to that whatsoever. While last season felt like of….meh to me, I am looking forward to some of the shows we are getting this season. A few especially that I have heard many good things about and cannot wait to get my hands on. I know as of right now some shows having already started airing (which doesn’t help the fact that I already feel like I’m behind) but I have not started anything as of right now. As I type this at 1:30 on 10/5/17. Anyway, let’s get right into the shows I’ll be watching this season and why I decided to give them a shot. There’s also a special list at the end for some show, but you will have to stick around until then to see what they are.¬†

Okay I’m rambling now. Let’s get started!!

Fall 2017

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Summer 2014 Wrap-Up

I know that I started off this anime season telling you guys that I was watching about…….four anime. And as I also mentioned, I usually pick up a few along the way. Which I did indeed do! So I thought why not wrap it up the way that I started. I’m going to give you all a short review of the anime¬†that I watched this season. There may or may not be spoilers (sorry) but I hope you enjoy!!

Summer 2014

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