Go Set a Watchman for Tentacle Porn and the Dentist 


I come to all of you today with probably the most random blog I have ever written. I would also like to mention that I am on some pain killers right now so if something does not add up, then that is why. Maybe you will get a little out of this blog, but really it is just a bunch of randomness. Skip it if you want to, but maybe you will enjoy my randomness a little bit.

So stick around for some randomness when I talk about the book “Go Set a Watchman”, Tentacle Porn, and my latest trip to the dentist!!

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Childhood Relived

As a kid growing up in the early 2000’s I was pretty familiar with a little show called Pokémon. That was probably THE show everyone in my class watched. But one morning, before school, I stumbled across a little show called Digimon. Of course I had to watch it, it had part of Pokémon’s name in it. Plus, it was on Toon Disney.

That was when the addiction started.

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