A Good Sequel: Kuroko’s Basketball Last Game

cyyourpwgae0eskI just realized that so far in 12 Days of Anime I have yet to talk about a sports anime. That needs to be fixed right away. So, why not talk about the sequel movie to a sports anime that I love to death. An anime that wormed its way into my heart a few years ago already, and its sequel just made me love it even more. Today I am talking about the Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game film that I finally got around to watching a few weeks ago. It was one of the anime movies that I was looking the most forward to this past year, and a sequel that I was very nervous about. Be prepared for the most fangirling I have done so far, and I think it is safe to say that this post is getting out all my fangirling for the next few days. Be ready though, because…let us just say I spent too much time focused on a certain character’s haircut, but I will spare you the details of that.

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The Suspense of Attack on Titan Season 2

84177lThe title of this post also has a double meaning because it pertains not only to the suspense that exists within this season of Attack on Titan, but also the suspense that surrounded when it was going to come out or if it was going to come out at all. I have had a lot of mixed emotions since season two came out. There were things that I liked and things that I did not like. Today I wanted to talk about a sequel that was probably one of the most anticipated anime of the year, and the most talked about before, during, and after it aired. Was it what we wanted? Not exactly. Was there not enough Levi? Definitely not! I guess this is just me ranting even more about a show that I have a lot of feelings about, and just need to get them out. What better way to end the year than to vent your frustrations, right? Have to get it over with now because next year we will have season 3 to worry about. A topic that will probably be brought up this time next year. It really is a never-ending cycle.

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Go Set a Watchman for Tentacle Porn and the Dentist 


I come to all of you today with probably the most random blog I have ever written. I would also like to mention that I am on some pain killers right now so if something does not add up, then that is why. Maybe you will get a little out of this blog, but really it is just a bunch of randomness. Skip it if you want to, but maybe you will enjoy my randomness a little bit.

So stick around for some randomness when I talk about the book “Go Set a Watchman”, Tentacle Porn, and my latest trip to the dentist!!

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Childhood Relived

As a kid growing up in the early 2000’s I was pretty familiar with a little show called Pokémon. That was probably THE show everyone in my class watched. But one morning, before school, I stumbled across a little show called Digimon. Of course I had to watch it, it had part of Pokémon’s name in it. Plus, it was on Toon Disney.

That was when the addiction started.

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