Dive!! and the Olympics

maxresdefaultNow a lot can be said about Dive!! as a show. Some say it is good. Others say it is bad. Personally, I’m just curious as to if we will ever see the Olympics or if they are going to drag a second season out of this. I would be lying to you if I did not say that sitting in my ideas notebook there are a few post ideas other than this one regarding this show. But we are not going to talk about if the show in general is good, that’s for later. Today we are talking about something that I think the show does…right…well…I cannot quite find the appropriate word but I think this part they did pretty well.

So today we are turning to the sports side of things! Today we are looking at just how Dive!! portrays the Olympics as well as the expectations being chosen for these Olympics puts on the Oikawa/Sugawara love child Yoichi. Let’s do this!!

(There might be spoilers…maybe…continue at own risk. Okay?)

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The Home Stretch: Senior Year of College

Hey everybody!! Guess what time it is? That’s right I am already back at school again! Yay….anyway, now that I have settled in a little bit and got myself somewhat put together it is time for my yearly randomness about my first week back at school. Somehow it has never failed to be THE most exciting week of the year, and this year was no exception to that. You guys always get a kick out of these, and I enjoy writing them so this year we are doing another one. If you missed the past two years you can read them here: My First Week Back At College and 3rd Times the Charm: College Round ThreeSo buckle in for the usual running, a solar eclipse, a hurt back, and the usual shenanigans that happen when I decide to step a foot outside my door. It’s story time!!

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Anniversary Month 2017

Someone please tell me how we are in July already? I feel like the past year just flew by.  Nevertheless, it is July again which means my favorite time of year has come once again.  For those of you who are new, July celebrates the anniversary of the day that I made this crazy blog as well as my birthday. I love to use this month as a way to not only celebrate the blog, but also thank all of you who have been here to both read the blog and be good blogging friends. This past year has not been easy, I did disappear for a while, but that does not mean I want this opportunity to just fly by with the excuse of just waiting until next year. Because I did think about that briefly. But my love for celebration overwhelmed that. 

In the end, this is a thank you to all of you who read my crazy posts, and no matter how hard I try I find myself unable to find the proper words to thank all of you. Some of you have helped me just by being around, or by posting funny things on twitter when I’m sad. Every comment, like, view, and follow means the absolute world with me.



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