Haikyuu!! Review

76014Welcome back my wonderful friends to the final day of Anniversary Review Week! I hope you have enjoyed the posts the last few days. I have enjoyed working on them and looking at some shows I have been wanting to talk about for a while. I do want to remind you guys that there are more posts coming for the rest of Anniversary Month, so stay tuned for those and cheek out the other reviews from this week if you have not seen them already! Today’s show has become one of my all-time favorite anime, and I know some of you feel the same way as well. I have been wanting to review it for a while but wanted to make sure I would be able to do it justice in a review. However, I am going to try my hardest! Plus, it is my birthday today and I always review my favorites on my birthday!! I did play the sport today’s anime is about in junior high and am already working on a post about my personal experience and how it related. That post will hopefully be out by the end of the month, time pending.

Without further adieu, here is my 45th Anime Review and Day 8 of Anniversary Review Week! It is time to look at quicks, salonpas, crows, flying high, and most importantly volleyballs in Haikyuu!!

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Kuroko’s Basketball Review

It is Day 6 of Anniversary Review Week!! I cannot believe that it is almost over already!! For today we are looking at an anime that I thought I was never going to review. Not because I disliked it but because I loved it so much that I was afraid that if I reviewed it then I would come to not enjoy it as much as I used to. Luckily that did not happen so here I am!!

Here is my 34th Anime Review and Day 6 of Anniversary Review Week!! The review for one of the shows that made me fall in love with sports anime: Kuroko’s Basketball.

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Free!: Iwatobi Swim Club Review

My friends, here we are at Day 7 of Anniversary Review Week!! I cannot believe that we have really come this far already. I’m so surprised that we got this far without any problems. (I probably jinxed something now). The show that I am reviewing today is one of my favorite anime….EVER. It is the show that I fangirl the most over and also started my love of sports anime.

So here is my 17th Anime Review and Day 7 of Anniversary Review Week!! A show that has some of my favorite shirtless boys: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club.

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Chihayafuru Review

Have you ever watched a show and although you love it, you do not quite understand the premise of it? There’s one HUGE part of the show that is beyond your understanding. Like when you watch a mecha anime and as a character rattles on about how the machine works you just sit there nodding your head wondering why they’re wasting five minutes of a twenty-four minute long show on this. No I do not care how the Gundam blows stuff up, I just want to see it blow something up.

This is how it feels for me sometimes when I watch an anime. There are parts of Japanese culture that takes me a lot of extra information gathering for me to understand what is going on. Which is exactly what I did while watching the anime I am about to review.

So here it is my eighth anime review on a show that I think helped me to understand Japanese culture a little bit better: Chihayafuru.

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